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About Us

The Green River College Foundation focuses on 4 strategies:


The Green River College Foundation strives to help the College accessible to all who seek an education. A main component of that work is annually awarding 300 scholarships to deserving students based on their academic merit, financial need, or program of study.  296 scholarships worth approximately $512,000 were awarded during the 2015-2016 academic year. 

Capacity Building

Growing the monetary capacity of the Foundation allows us to collaborate and elevate the work the college does though grants, capital projects, staff and faculty support, and program improvement.


The support that the Foundation provides allows the College to respond to opportunities that are not otherwise feasible due to limitations of state funding.


Once students are enrolled in Green River College, we strive to remove barriers that prevent students from completing their education through support available from the Veterans Educational Transition (VET) Fund, SAFE (Student Assistance for Emergencies) fund, and Scholarships.


Recent Successes

From 2005-2006 to 2010-2011 the Green River College Foundation has succeeded in doubling its scholarship program from awarding 100 to 200 scholarships while increasing the average dollar amount per scholarship. That growth continues through 2014-2015 as over 280 scholarships have been awarded totaling over $450,000 in direct aid to students for tuition, books, and supplies.

In that same time frame, two new resources for student support were introduced- the Student Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE) Fund and the Veterans Educational Transition (VET) Fund. Both of these were created in response to identified needs and because generous donors stepped up with early funding. The SAFE Fund is focused on preventing students from dropping out mid-quarter by helping cover an expense that may otherwise pull them away from their studies. The VET Fund is aimed at helping both individual student veterans and groups of veterans by providing direct funding that covers gaps veterans may experience with their VA and other tuition support programs as well as supporting projects such as the Veterans Resource Center where veterans can gather, meet, and study in a space designed for them. The community has responded to this effort with over $80,000 in private contributions and the Foundation continues to build these resources to serve a growing veteran population, which was around 350, 5 years ago and will exceed 500 this year.