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Our Employees Give Back!

Every spring, the employees of Green River College come together to help students by making their annual pledge to the Green River College Foundation. Employees have the opportunity to choose the fund or program they would like to support, whether it’s a Foundation scholarship that is meaningful to them or the department or program they work in. Out of the 200 faculty and staff on campus who give annually, 30 of them are alumni, and those numbers are increasing.

Over the last five years, Green River faculty and staff have contributed more than $240,000! Thank you to all employees who supported the campaign this year, and employees and alumni are welcome to join at any time in supporting today’s students. Thank you to those of you who stopped by for a morning with coffee and donuts, and our afternoon with ice cream. We appreciate all of our faculty and staff, and the support you provide for our students in and out of the classroom! THANK YOU!

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Employee Giving Thank You Morning


Gators Feed Gators

GFGJanuary 31, 2018 marked Green River’s second annual Gators Feed Gators campus event!  

Initially started in 2016 as a way to start solving the problem of student food insecurities on campus, the Gators Feed Gators event has caught on with the campus community.  

This year there were 130 attendees who came together to raise money on behalf of our students. Through funds raised, Gator Grille cards are purchased and provided to students who are experiencing food insecurities, as well as raising awareness of the campus food bank which partners with and is supported by local food banks such as Auburn Food Bank, Covington Food Bank and Maple Valley Food Bank. This year $2,000 was raised at the Gators Feed Gators event.  Intersted in supporing the cause? Click here to donate!

Introducing President Suzanne Johnson


This Fall Green River College welcomed our new President, Suzanne Johnson. Take a look at Dr. Johnson inducing herself to campus and our community! Watch now!

Hello, From Heather!

Staff photoGreen River College will always be considered home to thousands of alumni who have walked the halls and campuses over the years.

Hi, my name is Heather Foss and I am your new Alumni Program Coordinator! My goal is to keep in touch and keep you up-to-date as an insider to share with you how Green River continues to grow and how you can continue to stay in touch whether that is through sharing your story of being a student here or attending a fun campus event. This year we are re-igniting the alumni program – with this being our first newsletter of the year!  Please look for this newsletter to quarterly to keep you up to date or feel free to check in on the alumni website to stay connected.

If you need anything, please drop me a line at or 253-288-3348. Once a Gator, Always a Gator!