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January 2022

Computer with words of thanks & A QR codeGreen River College Foundation Board President, Jim Tanasse, shared a note of thanks to the outstanding community that supports Green River College Students.

In his words "Your selfless act of kindness demonstrates to all of us that great students and a great education do not happen by accident. Thank you for your generosity and for making the dreams of our community come true."


Jim and Deb Tanasse also shared with us about why they give:

Michael Farnum
2018 Outstanding Alumni

Man Sitting in military vehicle with mountain in background.

Michael Farnum is a Veteran of the United States Army, retired after twenty-three years of service as a Calvary Scout and Drill Sergeant. He had two combat tours in Iraq and many assignments overseas. 

Before enlisting, Mike just didn’t think college was for him, but after retiring from his Army career, Mike decided to enroll at Green River using the G.I. Bill. As he began to pursue his two-year degree, Mike was still not quite sure about being in school. Eventually he began to feel right at home in the forestry program at Green River. The Forestry Program and being in nature was the perfect transition for Michael back into civilian life.  Once he finished his degree at Green River Mike transferred to Pacific Lutheran University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies. Today Michael continues to attend and work at PLU. He is on the cusp of completing his Master’s of Business Administration degree.

Mike has also taken on another meaningful role at PLU as Director of Military Outreach. He serves the military affiliated student population of more than 300 students and recently opened the first ever Center for Military Support!

On a recent return visit to campus, Michael enjoyed retracing his old stomping grounds on the Green River Trails and obstacle course and recounting the difference that Green River has made in his life. Michael continues to stay connected with Green River through speaking at events such as the Veteran’s coin ceremony and other opportunities to connect with Green River students.