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Green River Honeybees

The Honeybee project started in 2013 through a faculty excellence award. Danny Najera and Roland Vieira shared a vision to use the experience of the honeybees as a learning opportunity for Green River students. The project has transcended the classroom and has grown to become a vital part of the Bee keeping community in south King County. 


Bees, Students, Faculty Excellence

Why is this work is critical?

President Obama has made it a national priority to increase the overwintering percentage in the United States; donations will be used to directly support the presidential mandate. Food stability, ecological stability, and economical sustainability are highlighted as reasons to help honeybees in the following document.

Your support makes a difference.

$350 - State of the art monitoring for one colony.
$150 - Beekeeper suit for more student participation.
$100 - Observation hive to educate classrooms and groups.
$20 -   Bee boxes.
$10 -   Bee frames.
$5 -     Pollen patties to build the strength of honeybees 

From creating new hives to helping with new testing equipment, we could not keep this project running without your generous support.

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The Green River Honeybee Project focuses 
on 4 specific areas: Research, Student Internships, Education, and Outreach.


Bees, Students, Faculty Excellence     Research

 The Green River Honeybees have agricultural and beekeeping interests. We monitor and test hypotheses regarding overwintering success, mite treatments, and in-hive monitoring of honeybees.




Student Internships

Students participate in primary scientific research aimed to understand the cognitive abilities regarding decision making in honeybee foragers to better understand their basic biology. These student internships are designed to guide students in the entire process of science through a 10-week period; these are modeled off the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program.



Bees, Students, Faculty ExcellenceEducation

 With the importance of bees (not just honeybees) in the national spotlight, we host 10-20 educational events in the Puget Sound region. The importance of bees and the link to both humans and sustainability is incorporated to both credit and non-credit (Continuing education) curricula. In addition, roughly 30 hive inspections are offered as open to the public for educational purposes.


Bees, Students, Faculty Excellence


With regular teaching sessions with our community partner, Bees in the Burbs, and talks at local beekeeping associations, our efforts are making their way out into the public. During the fair season, we can be found in Kent, Auburn, Tacoma and have made appearances at different Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and Soroptomists meetings as well as gardening clubs.