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Gators Feed Gators

GFGJanuary 31, 2018 marked Green River’s second annual Gators Feed Gators campus event! 

Initially started in 2016 as a way to start solving the problem of student food insecurities on campus, the Gators Feed Gators event has caught on with the campus community. 

This year there were 130 attendees who came together to raise money on behalf of our students. Through funds raised, Gator Grille cards are purchased and provided to students who are experiencing food insecurities, as well as raising awareness of the campus food bank which partners with and is supported by local food banks such as Auburn Food Bank, Covington Food Bank and Maple Valley Food Bank. This year $2,000 was raised at the Gators Feed Gators event.  Intersted in supporing the cause? Click here to donate!