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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for Foundation Scholarships?

  • I need help re-setting my password.

  • How do I request a recommendation?

    • Reach out to the person you will be making the request of. Let them know they will receive an email with a link to fill out their recommendation of you. While in the letter of recommendation section of your application, use the “request recommendation” button to send an online request to the individual who you’ve asked. You can edit the email being sent to make it more personal. If the person you have requested the recommendation of does not complete the form, your application will be incomplete! Remember to follow-up frequently to ensure your recommendations have been completed. 

  • If I cannot finish my application at one time can I go back and add/edit information?

    • Yes! Just log in again with your Green River College email address and password and continue your application.

  • It looks like I am not providing all the information that is needed.

    • When you log in, your information is automatically uploaded from the college. You just need to fill out the questions portion of the application.

  • My dashboard shows that I have an incomplete task.

    • Click on the incomplete task and update the information. 

  • I filled out an application but I did not receive notification of whether or not I received a scholarship.

    • Check your Green River College email account. All notifications about your scholarship will be sent there.