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 Faculty Excellence

The Green River College Foundation seeks to spur innovation, promote teaching and learning, enhance the educational environment, and inspire collaborative efforts amongst faculty through the funding of Faculty Excellence projects.

2017-18 Application

Now accepting applications for 2017-2018 Faculty Excellence Projects. Applications are due electronically or to the Foundation on November 16th, by 5:00 pm

Download application here.

The Faculty Excellence Endowment is one of the largest individual endowment funds and has grown over time, initially through availability of state matching dollars, and more recently by strong investment growth. The Foundation works with a faculty committee to conduct an annual call for proposals and faculty members submit requests ranging from individual to cross-division projects. Recent examples include the Green River Honey Bee Colonies, the Natural Resources Outdoor Classroom, the long running tie into the Green River One Book, and efforts to provide students options in math and English assessments.

Since the late 90's, the Foundation has invested over $300,000 in faculty to impact the student learning experience.