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VET Fund
(Veterans Educational Transition) Fund

The VET Fund is aimed at helping both individual student veterans and groups of veterans by providing direct funding that covers gaps veterans may experience with their VA and other tuition support programs. The VET Fund also supports projects such as the Veterans Resource Center where veterans can gather, meet, and study in a space designed for them. The community has responded to this effort with over $80,000 in private contributions and the Foundation continues to build these resources to serve a growing veteran population.

"Thank you for giving me the funds to help with my road to finishing my degree and the support you show to all the veterans in your care".
- Janniel Knox, Veterans Scholarship recipient

"I served 11 years in the U.S. Army. It wasn't easy, but compared to where I came from in Westchester County, NYC it was a life. We knew what to do 24/7. We had a job, we had housing, & we had focus. Now that many of us are out, it's a whole different world, and to find our way without support is daunting and it's a shame to see so many fellow soldiers failing here when we know they can succeed. The VET Fund is one of the key resources in helping vets transition to Green River."
- Ty Sommerville, Past President, Associated Students of Green River College .